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Elastomeric Stucco Over Siding
and Stucco Restoration
in Colorado Springs

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Stucco Over Siding

Interested in Stucco for your home in Colorado Springs, Monument, Peyton, or surrounding area's on Colorado's front range?

We don't blame you. Stucco has become quite a hot trend in Colorado, and for good reason. While more expensive than a paint job, a good, modern stucco exterior looks crisp and clean, adds a stylish flair, is easy to maintain, and if it's made from the right materials, it'll weatherproof your home and last just about forever!

Shopping for a stucco contractor can be dangerous if you're not familiar with the materials and processes used with today's stucco technology. There are still many contractors in Colorado Springs using concrete stucco. Concrete-based stucco is the same old technology that you may have seen on hundreds of stucco houses built originally with stucco in the 70's and 80's. Yes, the ones that today are cracking and crumbling to pieces.

Why avoid concrete-based stucco?

It's because of where we live. Colorado. The weather extremes here in the highly-temperate area of the front range and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is hard on homes. We have intense hail storms that tear up roofs almost every year, high-UV sunlight that burns through a home's paint, and a rigorous freeze-thaw cycle throughout a good portion of the year that will destroy concrete-based stucco.

You see, the moisture in the air and the rain will seep into concrete stucco wherever it can, and stay there. When that water freezes, it will expand as ice and create cracks. Since old concrete stucco isn't able to flex like modern Elastomeric stucco can, the cracks will be made larger and larger, spread over the top layer of the stucco, and before long, a concrete stucco exterior will be full of fissures and crumbling away.

Some companies claim to offer the more modern 'acrylic stucco'. It's still concrete stucco--just now with acrylic latex paint slapped on top. Since acrylic doesn't repel water, the "Colorado cracking and crumbling" still remains.

Front Range Exteriors offers the latest in modern stucco technology in Elastomeric-based stucco. Stucco over Siding for Colorado Springs that:
  • Looks great! Choose from a vast selection of colors and textures, or create your own
  • Will flex with the changes in the weather to prevent damage
  • Will last for up to 25 years or more!
Our estimators are highly experienced in modern stucco technology and application procedures, and will educate you about this fascinating exterior style and answer any questions you have. And our stucco crews? Second to none.

If you're interested in applying stucco to your home for the first time, please contact us today at 719-434-2435 (or fill in the contact form below) to request a free, no obligation estimate and consultation. We would also be happy to discuss estimates for smaller stucco jobs like partial exteriors (i.e. just stuccoing some walls or areas), retaining walls, or any other ideas you may have involving new stucco application.

Front Range Exteriors Inc. is a LICENSED Stucco Contractor through the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD).

Stucco Restoration

What if you already have stucco?

Is your old concrete stucco cracking and crumbling, or becoming discolored and ugly by fading and the minerals in the rain under your windows or around the bottom of the house?

Front Range Exteriors Inc is specialized in what we call "Stucco Restoration".

During a full restoration, we'll take your old concrete stucco, and:
  • Pressure Wash the exterior
  • Patch and repair* crumbled or missing areas of stucco
  • Apply a modern Elastomeric coating to modernize your stucco.
    • Elastomeric is like paint in the sense that you can customize your color choice ... either from popular color choices our previous customers enjoy, or any colors you want!
    • The new coating will keep the moisture out of the underlying stucco
    • Elastomeric will flex and move with the changes in the weather to prevent further cracking.
  • ... and your home will be weatherproofed for many years to come!

Have you been told by another stucco contractor that you'll need to 're-stucco' your home?

Many times, claims of needing to 'remove the old stucco' and apply an entire new coat are unfounded, will end up costing you loads of money, and be much more work than is needed. Give us a call to have one of our estimators assess your stucco. Chances are, all it needs is some repair and restoration at a fraction of the price.

For an example of Front Range Exteriors "Stucco Restoration", click here to see one of our portfolio pages of a home in Peregrine whose stucco we restored.

Please call 719-434-2435 to speak to someone at Front Range Exteriors Inc TODAY, or contact us via the webform below. An estimate is always free, there's no obligation, and it's accurate for the whole year!

* - Stucco repair is only done in the context of a full stucco restoration. 'Spot repairs' and patching will not be offered alone, because in the absence of a uniform restoration, patching will almost always result in inconsistencies in the stucco surface. If you're only interested in a minor 'stucco repair', we recommend getting an estimate for full restoration--it's probably less expensive than you think, and will result in a much more satisfying finish!

Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE or with any Questions / Comments

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