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Other Exterior Services

Front Range Exteriors Inc. offers a wide range of services involving renovating residential homes, commercial properties, rental properties, and businesses:

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Other Exterior Services:

Wood Siding and Trim Repair and Replacement

If your home's paint job has gone longer than a decade or so without re-painting, chances are likely that some of your siding and trim has been damaged after the paint has failed.

Most homes are sided with builder-grade, low-quality hardboard siding, which is barely more than glorified cardboard once the paint job isn't protecting it anymore. That means that if your paint has been cracking and peeling, or faded down to the raw wood, Colorado's moisture from rain, snow, and ice will penetrate your siding and begin swelling, warping, and rotting it in no time.

Repairing or replacing hardboard siding is typically discussed in a paint estimate when needed, but feel free to ask about what we can do for your siding or trim if you have a specific need. If you're interested in a more durable siding option (and if you have standard hardboard siding, you should be), make sure to look into our page about James Hardie Concrete Fiber siding or Vinyl Siding by Mastic here.

Garage / Overhead Doors

Amarr steel Garage / Overhead doors come in a variety of styles and colors. Made with modern, energy-saving technology, not only will a new garage door give your home some custom, personalized style ... it's another way to save on your utility bill. Ask for a free estimate to replace that old, heavy wood door.

* A modern Overhead Door also makes you eligible to receive government TAX CREDITS.

Stucco Restoration

If you already have a Stucco home, you don't have to pay exorbitant amounts to 're-stucco' your home when that old stucco cracks, crumbles, and becomes discolored. We can patch it, refinish it, and give it a thick, vibrant coating of Elastomeric, made to any color you desire. An Elastomeric coating will stretch and flex up to 200% in all directions, will resist the 'freeze / thaw' cycle that destroys concrete-based stucco in Colorado, and will modernize your stucco to last against the elements for 25 years.

Click HERE to lean more about STUCCO.

Sky Lights and Sun Tubes

Skylights are becoming more and more popular these days because of increases in energy efficiency. There's no better way to introduce warm, natural light into a room, while taking advantage of the newest technology to prevent water leaks and save on your utility bill. Our VELUX Sky Lights come in many configurations and styles for a multitude of different applications, all of which add style and a pleasing finishing touch to your home. Ask us about repairing or replacing any old skylights you already have, or discussing ideas to install new ones.

* Modern Skylights also make you eligible to receive government TAX CREDITS.

Entry and Patio Doors

Alside doesn't only produce windows and vinyl products ... they also make high quality, modern doors! Front Range Exteriors has a wide variety of entry and patio doors, all designed to be low-maintenance and highly durable, while visually expanding and brightening any room. These energy-efficient doors will never need painting, and are simple to clean. When receiving an estimate for exterior paint, windows, or anything else, ask us about what we can do to replace any old doors in your home.

* Modern Entry and Patio Doors also make you eligible to receive government TAX CREDITS.

Decks and Fencing

Front Range Exteriors Inc. does a variety of work involving decks and fences. If your deck needs repair or refinishing, or you'd like a deck, fence, pergola, or other outdoor structure stained, we'd be happy to give you a free estimate for what we can do. A good deck improves the quality and feel of a home like nothing else.

We can also repair a variety of styles of fencing and re-stain fences that are worn down by time and the elements. In fact, fencing is commonly an aspect of your home's exterior that is involved in hail storm insurance claims.

To learn more about painting, staining, and re-finishing decks and fences, also make sure to visit the 'exterior painting' webpage, or just call today!

As an exteriors company, we have the ability to evaluate and discuss nearly any aspect of improving your home. If you request one of our specialists to come out to give you a free roof inspection, free paint estimate, or anything else, make sure to ask about any and all projects or problem areas of your house that may be on your mind. With our great prices, and even better service, we'd be happy to discuss all of your home improvement needs.

If one of our specialists comes by to perform a free roof inspection, make sure to think about and have us examine any of these other exterior aspects listed above--if there's any damage, you may be able to have new windows, new siding, a paint job, or any number of home improvement aspects added to your insurance claim!

Please call today, or fill out the form (above to the right) to ask about any exterior (or interior) ideas you may have about your home.

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