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Roofing in Colorado Springs
How does your Roofer Interact with your Insurance Adjuster?

Front Range Exteriors Inc.
Residential Roof Services in Colorado's HAIL ZONES

Colorado is tough on roofs.

Between the extreme variances in weather, frequent wind gusts, and sweeping hail storms, the roof of your home really has a tough job in protecting you from the elements here on the front range. Hail storms in the spring and summer are common, and every year or two, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, parts of Denver (and more) experience massive storms with hail ranging in size from nickels to golf balls!

Whenever one of these 'roof-killing' storms passes through, roofing companies from all over the country swoop down upon our neighborhoods, insurance companies become more difficult to deal with, and you're left not knowing who you can trust, who is a legitimate company, or even who is a local roofer!

The professionals at Front Range Exteriors Inc. have been involved in residential roofing for years, the company is fully insured, we only deal in the best materials, and ... we're local!

Doing business with a non-local roofer, or a 'storm chaser' can be risky. After every storm here, there are always a few cases where an unknown roofer took a home owner's insurance claim money to start the job and then ... disappeared. On top of that, when dealing with a 'fly by night' roofer, or a business from another city or state, it can be very difficult to get a hold of them if any warranty issues pop up later.

As a local, family-operated Colorado Springs business, you know that you'll be able to call us ... and we'll be right here. If you ever have a warranty claim involving your roof, we’ll be there.

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Have you had your roof looked at lately?

Even if your roof has been inspected by other roofers, yourself, a friend, or your insurance adjuster after the last big storm, it's still a good idea to have a free inspection performed by Front Range Exteriors. There are many roofing businesses out there--some a higher quality than others. Damage from hail and other factors can sometimes be obvious, or be very subtle, and your family handyman or other roofers may have missed damage indications that we will find.

  • What if your insurance company already inspected the roof?

  • What if they denied your claim?

  • What if a roofer told you that there is enough damage to make a claim, but your insurance adjuster said 'no'?

Many of us have good, personal relationships with our insurance agents, and it's great when we're happy with those companies! But keep in mind that insurance companies are in the business of looking for ways to say 'no'. Working with a good roofer is kind of like having a lawyer working for you, protecting your interests as the home owner, and making sure that if your roof sustained enough damage to where you are due a new roof (or at least some repairs), that you'll get what you deserve.

Whenever an insurance adjuster comes to your home to inspect the roof, it is vital to have a roofer there with you that you can trust, present at the meeting, to make sure the adjuster is well aware of the damage. If you've already had a roofer and adjuster inspect the roof together, and the adjuster denied the claim (especially if the roofer thought that the damage was enough to be approved), you were probably dealing with a roofer that wasn't strong enough in dealing with insurance companies.

We at Front Range Exteriors Inc. are Insurance Claim Specialists. We'll deal with the insurance company for you. And if there's any way at all to convince them to approve your claim and hold them to their obligations, we will make it happen.

Above and beyond our insurance claim expertise, we are an exteriors company--more than just a roofer. That means that if we find hail damage, etc., on your gutters, your home's paint job, siding, windows, and more ... those other aspects of your home's exterior that have suffered environmental damage can be included in the claim as well!

If you suspect your roof is damaged, make sure to have a good roofer help you in dealing with your insurance company. You may love your agent, but the adjuster assigned to your claim may be a different story!

We will make sure your interests are represented; not the interests of the big, corporate insurance company. We represent you.

Got T-Locks?

The T-Lock shingle is an old, obsolete shingle that hasn't been manufactured since about 2005. They were originally intended to be wind-resistant, but were quickly determined to be more vulnerable to damage because of their inter-locking design. That means when one shingle was pulled off of the roof by the wind, several other shingles went with it.

Nowadays, the fact that the T-Lock shingle is obsolete, means that if there's any damage to your T-Lock roof, any at all, it cannot merely be repaired. Your insurance company must allow you a new roof. Even if you have a few extra T-Lock shingles stored away for repairs, or know a roofer willing to 'bend the rules' to fix your T-Locks for you, it's a very difficult repair. Since T-Locks 'lock' together, locking a replacement Tlock shingle with existing shingles that have become brittle from the weather is unlikely. You’d end up with a leaking roof!

There are still plenty of roofs in Colorado Springs that consist of T-Lock shingles. And fully 95% of them are bound to have enough damage, somewhere up there, to warrant making a claim and awarding you a new roof. If you've already tried to replace your T-Lock roof and were denied by the insurance company, it was either because you didn't have a good roofer with you to deal with the Insurance adjuster, or the roofer that previously tried to deal with the adjuster simply didn't know how. Do you still have a T-Lock roof? We can help.

Wood Shake Roofs

After the Hayman Fire in 2002, Colorado Springs banned the installation of new wood roofs. In the years since, all shake roofs not specifically treated to be 'fire resistant' have been deemed a fire hazard, and insurance companies will no longer allow their installation. Today, there are a variety of composite shingles out there by GAF and IKO (our suppliers), and other manufacturers, designed to replace wood shakes, some even designed to mimic the appearance without the fire risk.

In neighborhoods with wood shakes, many Home Owner Associations and Insurance companies are starting to really put the pressure on home owners to replace their roofs. Ask us about the premium shingles used by 'shake roof neighborhoods' that people are using to modernize their homes.

Front Range Exteriors uses roofing shingles by IKO and GAF, the largest and highest quality roofing manufacturers in North America. We offer a large variety of shingles, all of which come in a great selection of vivid, eye-pleasing colors, and excellent warranties.

Whether you're concerned about hail damage, old T-Lock shingles, wood shakes, or have any other roofing needs, please call today or fill in the form (above on the right) to request a free, no-obligation roof inspection.

Unlike the storm chasers, we're not going anywhere. So we won't try to pressure you into any sort of deal. Let's just take a look at your roof and talk about your options.

Always a free inspection, and never any obligation.

When you have Front Range Exteriors represent you for your roofing needs, in most cases we are able to offer a FREE UPGRADE to

*** Class IV Impact-Resistant Shingles ***

Featuring outstanding resistance to hail
And LOWERING your insurance premiums by
UP TO 25%

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